Popular Rolex Submariner Date 116618LB Replica Watches With Yellow Gold Oyster Bracelets For UK Sale

The Submariner collection has many popular best sellers which are deeply welcomed by male customers. The whole watch bodies are made of 18ct yellow gold. The Oyster architectures have firm and solid characteristics. The whole designs look concise and delicate. Rolex Submariner copy watches with blue dials apply calibre 3135 to their practical functions. They have self-winding mechanical movements with paramagnetic blue Parachrom hairsprings.

The hairsprings can resist magnetic fields, so the movements have stable performances. Their power reserve is approximate 48 hours. The 40mm Oyster cases are equipped with unidirectional rotating bezels. The bezels are covered with scratch-resistant Cerachrom rings which are made of blue ceramic.

The ceramic rings are carried with 60-minute graduated scales. The blue dials have white luminescent designs for all the hour markers and central hands. Besides, there is a date aperture set at 3 o’clock.

Rolex fake watches with blue bezels have the neat and concise layout for the whole dials. The delicate dials can be protected by their solid sapphire glasses. Many people don’t like all yellow gold watches. They think that such watches look superficial and vulgar. But Rolex yellow gold watches have brilliant designs and exquisite details. They look much elegant and noble, favored by gentlemen.