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In Beijing on June 27, 2015, the famous 798 art zone, the ullens center for contemporary art (UCCA) rolex support South African artist (William Kentridge) held its in Asia’s largest exhibition “sample reading notes”,William Kentridge) as a rolex ” recommended scheme” the senior master of art, one of the activities held by the Rolex Sports Replica Watches UK support, the rolex numerous high-rise and the media, art lovers to participate listen to appreciate an art feast.

The exhibition, William. Mr. Ken partridge, (William Kentridge) Of large exhibition held in China, for the first time is also the largest exhibition to be held in Asia, Rolex Submarnier Series Replica Watches thanks to support this historic exhibition, show the rolex brand for the promotion of human cultural heritage constantly and continued support for achievements, it also reflects the key value of rolex.

Rolex High Quality Copy Gold Dial Watches For Sale pr, deputy director of Rebecca Irvin said very honored to and to make the outstanding artists in South Africa, he has many unique creativity and can put these ideas into multiple art medium, and many of his works with Chinese unique resonance.

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